What To Consider Before Getting Custom Cabinets

What To Consider Before Getting Custom Cabinets

Renovating your kitchen can be exciting and enthralling. This is especially true if you’re renovating an old kitchen. You can do whatever you want with it and design it the way you want, without anyone interfering.

But it can also be extremely difficult deciding on the layout and the design of your dream kitchen. This is especially true when it comes to the cabinets.

Do you want wall cabinets, tail cabinets, or base cabinets? Making a choice is anything but a walk in the park!

But before you remove the existing cabinets from your kitchen and get new ones, there are a few things you need to consider. These are:

The Material of the Cabinets

What exactly are you looking for? Do you want something modern or would you rather go with a traditional style? You need to ask yourself this question in order to identify what your kitchen needs.

If you want to go for a classical/traditional look, wooden cabinets are your best bet. They can be designed according to what you like. You can go with various shapes and patterns—it’s all up to you!

If you want something more modern, we’d recommend going with stainless steel for a sophisticated look. There are other types of materials you can consider as well.

From clay, cement, stone gres, lacquered and even glass—the options are endless!


The cabinets you get shouldn’t just offer storage for crockery and spices/food ingredients. They should be spacious and offer solutions to all kinds of storage needs.

From dividers to deep drawers and inserts, the options should be endless. Look for cabinets that can offer excellent storage space. They should offer a convenient space to store spans, pots, food ingredients, and a lot more!

Set Your Budget

Now that you have an idea of what you should go for, it’s time to set aside your budget. It’s tempting to go for affordability when kitchen cabinets result in 40% of the overall costs of kitchen renovations.

But don’t go for the cheapest option. Instead, go for quality. When you choose cheap-quality cabinets for your kitchen, you’ll end up with repair costs that can exceed hundreds of dollars, and that too within a couple of months.

Make sure to consult a professional before you replace your current kitchen cabinets!

At Ikonni, we can guide you through the process of choosing the right cabinet for your kitchen. From steel cabinets to wooden ones, we can find just what you’re looking for!

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