The Best Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations

Are you tired of having a boring, old all-white kitchen? Sure, it may look clean and simple but it’s not really the most attractive of color schemes. Introducing varying shades of color, can add a multi-dimensional look to your kitchen. It can bring out various architectural details and elevate the overall look of the room.

Kitchen cabinets take up majority of the visual space in a kitchen. So playing with kitchen cabinet colors can be a great way of switching up the entire look of the room. When it comes to mixing and matching color schemes, the options are endless. Take a look at the following kitchen cabinet color combos.

White and Dove

Do you want to keep your kitchen as minimalist as possible but also don’t like the idea of an all-white kitchen? If that’s too basic for you, you can switch things up by introducing a dove and white color scheme to the cabinets. This will lend the space an airy and open feel and the varying shades will give the room some extra depth.

White and Blue

Another classic kitchen cabinet combination is white and blue. Take your kitchen to the next level by introducing a vibrant splash of cobalt blue to the mix. Or if that’s too coastal a look, you can add a hint of sophistication with navy blue. Either way, white and blue makes for a classic combination.

Glass and Wood

Are you thinking of incorporating wood elements into your kitchen but also fear that wood-on-wood can give the room an overly rustic look? You can create a contrast by combining it with sleek-lined glass-front cabinets.

White and Green

Green and white is an unconventional and unexpected color combination but it can lend your kitchen a truly unique look. You can go the traditional route and stick to a muted sage green or you can throw caution to the winds and choose a vibrant bottled green to contrast with a clean white.

White and Gray

If white and black is too stark a contrast for you, you can opt to soften the look by adding gray to the mix instead. White and gray is a classic combination that will suit a modern kitchen with stainless steel elements.

Gray and Cream

Since cream and gray are both neutral colors, a combination of the two will warm up your kitchen even more. This color combination is a timeless classic that lends your kitchen a subdued sophistication.

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