Techniques Employed To Get the Perfect Wood Finish

Perfect Wood Finish

We ‘wood’ be lying if we said we’re not weak for wooden kitchen cabinets. After all, their intricate, beautiful, and rustic designs add life to kitchens.

There’s nothing like wooden kitchen cabinets to give your home the classic American feel. And the best part about them is that you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to designs!

But an important that begs to be answered is: how do manufacturers get that beautiful, flawless wood finish?

We answer all of your questions below.

Glazing and Toning

Glazing and toning are two techniques craftsmen use to add a nice finish to wood cabinetry.

These two techniques are used together to highlight the details of the woodwork and add dimension to the color of the cabinets. Basically, glazing and toning add life to the cabinet doors but is often used to give the woodwork an “aged” but graceful look.

So, this technique is mainly used for certain types of woods—mahogany and chestnut.


Manufacturers use bleaching as a means to treat wooden cabinets that have been damaged by moisture. By bleaching the wooden cabinets, they can lighten the color and restore balance to their overall appearance.

Note: bleaching is not used to remove stains or dyes.


Sanding is an old technique that’s still popular today. By sanding the cabinet doors, craftsmen remove stains or uneven tones from different areas of kitchen cabinets. This adds life to an otherwise old and worn out kitchen cabinet door.


Wax Polish

Another technique that is popular and highly-used is waxing. This helps make the colors of the wooden cabinets “pop.”

But that’s not all it does! It helps protect the exterior and interior of the cabinets from damage. Waxing can be used after a penetrating finish.

Penetrating Finish

This type of technique, as its name suggests, penetrates into the wood grain, instead of treating just the surface. This technique uses oil, which gives the cabinets a beautiful, glossy look.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, whatever technique you choose to go with, make sure that you invest in cabinets from a professional cabinetry service in New York.

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