Acoustic Panels

IKONNI ACOUSTIC PANELS is the ideal sound absorbing panel for any private or public interior where acoustic comfort is required. Hotels, restaurants, gyms, shops, theatres, places of worship, auditoria, concert halls, music schools or home theatres all achieve the wished-for acoustic quality with IKONNI acoustic panels.

Acoustic walls and ceilings can help soundproof your room and act as a barrier to block sound from travelling in other adjacent rooms. They soften, remove and diffuse sounds to create a more pleasant aura within the room. This is a system of sound absorbing wall and ceiling paneling consisting of staved MDF panels with horizontal milled grooves in the top face and holes in the underside which create Helmholtz resonators. The types available differ in the size of the mills and their spacing. IKONNI acoustic panels are available in any surface finish, from melamine to RAL lacquered and from laminates to wood veneers and composites.

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