MDF and Plywood- Which One Should You Get?

MDF and Plywood

Wondering what the differences are between MDF and Plywood and which one is the best option for your cabinet doors? Even those who are remodeling their kitchen face similar crossroads where they don’t want to choose wood. Contrary to popular belief, MDF and Plywood are not less sturdy options. They come with their advantages and disadvantages. Anyone about to undertake a massive home renovation project should know the difference between the two materials.

Read further to find out why interior designers and home renovators choose MDF and Plywood in their projects.

What is MDF?

This is a wood engineered for specific purposes and is an abbreviated version of Medium Density Fiberboard. It is made of thin planks of a combination of wax, wood fiber, and resin. It is a dense and reasonably durable material, and designers use it as a substitute for wood. MDF is available in many different styles and thicknesses.

Why choose MDF?

MDF can withstand high pressure and does not crack easily. It can be altered with variations in temperature and humidity levels but does not warp as wood does in high heat and humid climate.

It has a very smooth finish because it is made with fine particles. This works well with cabinet doors because you can easily paint over them as well. With wooden doors, there is a rougher surface, which can appear as uneven.

You can customize MDF for any style of cabinet doors. The flexibility of the structure allows for it to be used in different ways and cut anyway without damaging. Not only is it cheaper than wood, but it is also water-resistant. It also fulfills the demand for larger panel sizes.

What is Plywood?

What is Plywood?

Plywood is another plausible alternative, which is made from thin layers that are peeled off the wood. Since it is made with strips of wood, it can give off the appearance of actual wood more than MDF. The better the grade of plywood used, the smoother it is and can be made more attractive. Plywood is lighter and less dense than MDF and doesn’t break under pressure.

Why use Plywood?

If you need to install curved or bent panels, then plywood is better since it is more flexible. It can also withstand higher temperatures and doesn’t change its shape upon exposure.

When it comes to choosing between the two, it depends on what purpose you are choosing them. Plywood is more suitable for outdoor use, especially for furniture. MDF is better for shelves and other furniture for exclusive indoor use because it is not water-resistant.

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