Cabinet Care: Here’s What You Should Know

Cabinet Care

As a homeowner, the cherry cabinetry is a major highlight of your kitchen. From bringing warmth to your otherwise somber kitchen to organizing your kitchenware, kitchen cabinetry’s no trivial matter. So it makes sense if you want to dedicate much time and attention to your custom made cabinets.

Wondering how to keep your cabinetry looking beautiful and grime-free? Here are our top tips!

Set a Regular Cleaning Schedule

So you finally got your custom cherry wood cabinet installed in the kitchen and it looks just wonderful! But keep in mind that regular cleaning’s crucial to keep your kitchen cabinets spotless and grime-free. After all, your new cabinetry’s only going to look pristine for so long without frequent clean-up sessions! So while it might be easy to forget that your kitchen cabinets are screaming for attention, take the time to set a schedule for cabinet cleaning. Plan to undertake a thorough cleaning of all cabinet drawers and doors every three weeks. This way your cabinets will remain spotless and shiny even after months!

Choose Only the Right Cleaning Tools

Your cabinets determine the entire look of your kitchen. One loose cabinet handle or scratched surface, and your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal takes a hit! So while it’s good to be vigilant about the regular cleaning of your kitchen cabinets, make sure to use only the right cleaning tools.

Choosing the appropriate tools and cleaning solutions will prevent you from accidentally ruining your cabinets. Opt for soft brushes and cloths while cleaning your cabinets.

Pay Attention to the Grooves & Handles

From glass panels to handles and grooves, your kitchen cabinets are like pieces to a hand-crafted puzzle. This means a superficial cabinet cleaning just doesn’t cut it! To keep your cabinets looking clean and spotless, make sure to pay attention to all the little details.

Use an old toothbrush and a cabinet cleaning solution to carefully go over the edges, grooves and handles of your kitchen cabinets. This way you’ll be able to take care of any stubborn stains that don’t go away while cleaning with a damp cloth.

Know When to Make an Investment

If you find your kitchen cabinets are looking dull and grimy despite regular clean-up sessions, know that it’s time for a replacement. New cabinets will not only serve to beautify your kitchen, but it’s also a great way to increase the value of your home, should you choose to sell it in the near future.

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