Steel vs. Wood Cabinets: You Decide!
Kitchen is the heart and soul of your house. It’s the first place your guests visit while you’re holding a get-together or giving them a tour of your home. A trendy kitchen adds personality to your interior. Which is why you want it to stand out aesthetically. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, choosing the right kitchen cabinet is an art in itself. It could either result in a gorgeous kitchen or go the wrong
Kitchen Cabinet Make-over: FAQ Edition
A kitchen is an essential part of a house. Its renovation is one of the most common home improvement projects. Is your kitchen appearing dreary? The problem might lie in your cabinets. Kitchen cabinets play an important role in your kitchen’s outlook. They could restrict space, movement; could make the place appear darker; give it a shabby look, and so on. Here are answers to the typically asked questions by homeowners: Question-1: Would it be
Go Steeling to Prevent Stealing
Steel is the new chic, the new cool—and for reasons more than its globally recognized strength. There’s a shift in sensibility lately, with people having given a cold shoulder to the heavy duty, distressed cabinets made from wood back in the day. Additionally, the colors that were so popular back in the day are no longer desired in the way they were once revered: no fawns and robin’s egg blues, for sure—the current turn of
Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Trends
If you thought kitchen cabinets were simply for the purpose of storage, you should probably think again: because the construction of your cabinets, their style and design, their color tone and the material used in their making—all adds to the overall look and aesthetic of your kitchen. Your cabinets are an essential part of your kitchen’s style statement. The interior of a kitchen therefore can never be complete without a trendy, stylish, and elegant set
Unlocking the Doors of Origins: Where Did They Begin?
If we said that The Doors began in 1965, we wouldn’t be wrong—but then, of course, we’d be talking about the American rock band. The apertures installed in doorways and at gateways to be opened at close to allow (or deny!) entry, now . . . that’s a different case entirely. And this wooden counterpart is way older than the rock band. Simply put, an aperture that swings and rocks back and forth (or slides), is
Why You Should Consider Steel Cabinets
The contemporary chic is all about a style so sleek, it outdoes all the heavy elements of older, more conventional kitchen styles. A minimalistic, clean look is desired by most people today—millennials especially—such that the look is almost industrial. You’ll know the look from commercial and professional kitchens: clean, shiny, and sleek. Steel hardware—cabinets, countertops, knobs, handles, etc.—are ideally used to complement the aesthetic. Their sleek and shiny visage makes them the perfect accent for
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