About us

Sometimes the challenges we face produce the best outcomes.

For 30 years, as one of NY’s most successful craftsmen, Ikonni’s founder Iko Aviv identified all the crucial materials and techniques that the U.S market is lacking.

Ikonni was designated to provide the missing pieces towards the ultimate design. It was tailored to provide the finest solutions for professionals who seek perfection in their design.
Through his experience with NY’s most distinguished designers, Aviv realized the U.S market cannot provide all the necessary items and services needed for the fine and final results.

He traveled the world and explored the variety of options.
He discovered the most unique and innovated gear in Western Europe, he detected the unparalleled quality of the different woods, clay, glass, and steel out there. He reached and collaborated with the leading pioneers and material trendsetters in the world of design and was determined to make sure every American, throughout the nation, is able to enjoy these contemporary and unique products.

Today, just like Aviv envisioned, our customizable products are designed to satisfy your highest standards and uncompromising attention to details.

Ikonni is the only U.S brand that can provide those standards and results.