3 Types of Wooden Cabinets for Your New Kitchen

Wooden Cabinets for Your New Kitchen

As someone looking to upgrade your kitchen cabinets to wooden cabinetry, you’re bound to run into complicated wooden cabinetry terms. From wood grains to strength of the wood, choosing the perfect wooden cabinets can become burdensome, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

Can’t tell your straight grains from curly grains? Don’t fret! Here’s everything you need to know about wooden cabinets.

What’s Hardwood & Softwood?

When browsing through the wooden cabinetry collection, you’re bound to run into terms such as hardwood and softwood. So to make the right decision, it’s best to simplify what’s meant by the two terms.

Softwood is made from needle-shaped evergreen trees like spruce and cedar. On the other hand, all varieties of hardwood come from broad-leafed trees like cherry, oak, maple, etc.

What’s Meant by the Grain of the Wood?

Most conversations about wooden cabinetry often revolve around wood grains. But how can you choose the best wooden cabinetry if you can’t tell your wood grains apart? Wood grain refers to the overall texture, pattern, and alignment that are featured in the wood. From fine to curly and spiral grains, each wood has a unique grain pattern. Some of the common wood grains that you’ll come across while cabinetry shopping are as follows;

  • Straight grain:This type of grain has vertical and straight patterns.
  • Spiral grain:This type of grain has funnel-shaped patterns.
  • Wavy grain:As the name suggests, this type of grain has wavy patterns.
  • Curly grain:Circular-shaped patterns are dominant.
  • Fine grain:Patterns which are usually invisible or subtle.

Cherry Wood Cabinets

Hardwood cherry cabinets are able to withstand pressure and marring easily. This means, you don’t have to worry about your wooden cabinets losing their beautiful appeal with an accidental scratch. These cabinets usually sport reddish undertones, but may vary in color from white to a rich brown shade. So before choosing cherry cabinets for your kitchen, make sure the shade goes with the overall theme of the kitchen.

Cherry Wood Cabinets

Birch Wood Cabinets

Birch is a fine-grain durable wood that gives your kitchen a sophisticated, high-end feel. This type of wood is darker than maple and can be easily stained to give a faux maple/cherry look.

However, before going for cabinets made out of birch, keep in mind that this type of wood is sometimes prone to irregular coloring. The underlying color of this wood usually ranges from white to creamy yellow and can be tweaked to achieve any look effortlessly.

Walnut Wood Cabinets

If you’re aiming for a warm yet mellow look for your kitchen, then walnut wood cabinets are your go-to option. These cabinets are expertly crafted from walnut wood which possesses fine and straight wood grain. From warm chocolate to reddish-brown hue, walnut cabinets offers a variety of warm, rich colors for your kitchen space. Choose a shade of walnut cabinetry that goes in line with your creative vision and you won’t be disappointed.

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